Rack-N-Bag® Original – Medium

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Film Devices patent pending Rack-N-Bag® is a game changing approach to location sound bags. The base Rack-N-Bag kit consists of 4 components: a ballistic nylon outer shell with detachable pouch, a rigid carbon fiber & aluminum frame, carbon fiber handle, and a shoulder strap. With the outer shell on, it acts like an ordinary sound bag which can be attached to the shoulder strap or optional harness or handheld with the carbon fiber handle. When the outer shell is removed, it converts to a desk console with a kickstand to prop it up. Every device is in an accessible, secure location and all connections are easy to reach. The top tier section tilts at an angle for front control wireless transmitters and receivers.

The Rack-N-Bag® allows for a single or double row of wireless devices by changing its top tier height configuration. The bottom tier is also height configurable to accommodate most models of mixer/recorders. As your equipment changes the Rack-N-Bag can be reconfigured to match.

Configuration Setup:
Complete the PDF to have your Rack-N-Bag Configured for your Equipment
Medium & Large Rack-N-Bag Configuration

Available options:
– Complete Power Distro Kit with choice of 2 Audioroot Power Distro Models, our exclusive Front Load Smart Battery Sled, and 5 Power Cables in 3 Length Options
– Swing Out Phone Holder
– Wing Kit for Additional Wireless Devices
– Docking Bracket Kit allows Secure Fastening to Sound Carts
– USB Power Receptacle
– Harness

Equipment Size Chart
**Equipment Not Included
*** $100 Restocking Fee Applies for Rack-N-Bag Returns

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1 – Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Frame
1 – Ballistic Nylon Outer Shell with Removable Pouch
1 – Carbon Fiber Handle
1 – Shoulder Strap

10.6” x 9” x 6.4”
268 mm x 230 mm x 162 mm

Bag w/ Strap - 3 lb 15.0 oz / 1787g

Additional information

Weight 5.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 9.5 in


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