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Film Devices Rack-N-Bag Info, Photos, and Updates

The Rack-N-Bag is the next generation of the location sound bag and is available in 3 sizes. It offers vast improvements in the way film industry sound kits are made and utilized. The Rack-N-Bag allows complete access to all your equipment which are secured to a rigid carbon fiber and aluminum frame. The Rack-N-Bag can be carried by handle, strap or harness with or without the outer nylon shell.  It can be used as a conventional sound bag, or as a desktop console. With the outer nylon shell removed access is available to all connections. You no longer have to try to find a loose connector at the bottom of the bag under your equipment in the middle of a shoot. The Rack -N-Bag weighs about the same as conventional bags in each size range.

The system has an optional power distribution system that features a Smart battery sled. The battery slides out from the front and can be changed with one hand. The tilt-up panel is a first in the industry. It allows front display receiver and transmitters such as the Lectrosonics LR receivers, Lectrosonics DCHT Camera Hop, Sennheiser EW G2, G3, G4 series to be mounted and viewed correctly.

Rack-N-Bag Location Sound Bag - Large with Optional Large Power Distro

What’s New!

  • The Rack-N-Bag Versa models are now available! With an extruded C channel frame system the tier are now field adjustable and devices can be attached anywhere on the frame.
  • Betso Antenna mounts are now available for the Versa and original models.
  • We are currently developing a Rack-N-Bag for the Aaton Cantar Mini – This should be available by  July 30 2022
  • Slid out tray coming soon for Versa series. 
  • Cantar Mini version now available

Power Distro Systems for the Rack-N-Bag

We offer Audioroot power distros combined with our exclusive Smart Battery Sled. We have the Audioroot eSMART BG-DU and the eSMART BG-DH MKII available as a kit with our Smart battery sled and 5 power cables of your choice in 30, 40, 50cm. These are short cables specifically designed to keep rats nests out of your sound bag. The battery sleds may be purchsed by themselves with 4 pin Hirose or TA4F plugs. In addition we have a dual USB power port for LED lights, phone charging or accessories.


Photo Library of the Rack-N-Bag Sound Location Kits

Video Library

Rack-N-Bag overview and accessories.

Rack-N-Bag docking brackets for sound carts.

Configuration Forms and Equipment Size Fitting

Location Sound Equipment That Fits the 3 Sizes of the Rack-N-Bag

Location Mixer Recorders

Zaxcom: Nova, Nomad, Deva recorder mixers
Sound Devices:
Scorpio, 888, 833, 552, 664, 688, 833, Mixpre-10, Mixpre-6, Mixpre-10 II, Mixpre-6 II, SL-2
SX-R4+, SX-R4, SX-M32, SX-32, SX-RC8+
Field recorders F8, F4, F8N, F4N, Zoom F-Control
Cantar Mini (coming soon)

Wireless Receivers and Transmitters

Zaxcom: ERX3TCD, QRX200, QRX235, RX-12, RX200, URX100, URX50, TRXCL3, Micplexer 2,
Lectrosonics: DCHR, DCR822, DSQD, DCHT, LR, SRc, UCR411, UCR411a
Audio LTD: A10-RX-XLR-US, A10-RX-SL-US
Wisycom: MCR54, MCR42S,
Sennheiser: EW-112P G4, EW-100 ENG G4, EK 500 G4 Pro, SK 100 G4
Comtek: BST-25/216, BST 75-216 P, M-216


Zaxcom: ERX3&CD, IFB200
Betso: Bowtie antenna,
PSC: RF 12 Pack, RF 6 Pack, RF4 Pack, RF Multi SMA, Power Star,