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Camera Magnetic Mounting Kit

Rack N Bag Location Sound Kit

Rack-N-Bag – Small

Travel Boom Pole Kit – Carbon Fiber

Travel Boom Pole Kit – Aluminum

Coming Soon

The Rack-N-Bag has evolved location sound kits to a whole new level!

Available in 3 Sizes to accommodate most recorder/mixers. The Rack-N-Bag debuts in July with a limited quantity initial offering. PRE-ORDER TODAY!

Camera Vibration Isolators are used to remove fast occurring vibrations that cannot be handled by the image stabilization built into many cameras and lenses. The larger units can also be used for camera gimbals.

Direct Camera Platform Mount for Vibration Isolator 145 mm
Vibration Isolator Travel Kit 100 mm
Vibration Isolator Travel Kit 100 mm

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