Power Distro Kit with Sled – Large


• Front Loading, Slide-In Battery Sled
• 8 Power Outputs

The Rack-N-Bag’s optional Power Distro System features the Audioroot eSMART BG-DU power distro coupled with Film Devices’ exclusive Smart Battery sled with built-in battery cup*.
The Audioroot eSMART BG-DU is an ultra-small, DC power distribution box with 8 switchable 2.5 amp protected outputs. The OLED display shows battery voltage, current drain, real time display of remaining battery charge, and 10% warning light. All DC outs utilize rugged Hirose locking connectors. It has 3 locking power switches.

*Battery Not Included
Cables Sold Separately

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The eSMART BG-DU is a compact and lightweight powering box with 8 protected outputs, 3 locking switches and a full featured fuel gauge.

This product was designed for use in large sound bags or small location carts. The power distributor can be connected to any battery type (SLA, NI-MH or LI-ION) and the fuel gauge provides all the information required to monitor the battery’s state of charge (voltage, current, power, etc.).

The eSMART BG-DU uses an internal coulomb counter and a calibration routine to measure the battery’s true capacity and display it’s remaining capacity in real time. This power distributor is also fully compatible with our full line of Li-XXwh smart batteries. A stainless steel clip is included and can be mounted on the top or bottom of the unit for easy attachment in a sound bag.

  • Real time monitoring of the battery’s SOC : remaining capacity (%), run time estimation, battery voltage, power consumption, power and coulomb counter
  • 8 switchable outputs using 3 locking switches
  • Polyswitch 2.5A resetable fuses on each output
  • A blinking LED indicates when the battery capacity falls below 10 %
  • Compatible with any battery ranging from 6 to 24V
  • Stainless steel clip included
  • Compact and lightweight : (129g , 85x75x30mm)

1 – Audioroot eSmart BG-DU Power Distro
1 – Smart Battery Sled w/ Built-In Cup (Battery Not Included)

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 3.5 in


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