Vibration Isolator Kit – 145 mm & Extension Arm Bracing Kit


• For Cameras with Gimbals
• Includes Camera Vibration Isolator, Platform Mount, Extension Arm Bracing Kit for Vertical Mounting & Industrial Grade Case
• Removable Cable Tie-Down Blocks for Load Adjustment
• Load Adjustable Up To 18 lbs.
• Total Magnetic Holding Force Up To 240 lbs.

Vibration Isolators are designed to be used in conjunction with a gimbal. The 145 mm Vibration Isolator is a load adjustable isolation system designed to dampen high frequency vibrations and transient shockwaves created when shooting from moving vehicles. The gimbal manages the large motions while the vibration kit dampens the smaller vibrations; combined this removes both small & large movements.

This Kit includes a Camera Platform Mount which transforms the Vibration Isolator into a camera mounting platform with magnetic mounts. Ideal when the Vibration Isolator is not needed.

The cable tie-down blocks are removable to change capacity and for finer adjustments, the cables themselves can be removed. This isolator works well with most gimbals and has a total load capacity up to 18 lbs. Holding force with all 4 magnets up to 240 lbs.

The Extension Arm Bracing Kit allows the 145 mm Vibration Isolator Kit to be mounted on vertical surfaces.

1 – 145 mm Vibration Isolater Contains a Variety of 1/4” and 3/8“ Threaded and Non-Threaded Holes. Center Hole on one side is 10 mm Non-Threaded and the other is 3/8” Threaded
1 – 145 mm Platform Mount Contains a Variety of 1/4” and 3/8“ Threaded and Non-Threaded Holes
4 – 88 mm Rubber Coated Magnets. Up To 70 lb. Force per Magnet. Each Containing One (1) 3/8” Thread & Two (2) 5 mm Threads
4 – 7" Articulating Arm
2 – 350 mm (13.75”) Rods
2 – 250 mm (9.75”) Rods
2 – 15 mm Rosette Blocks
2 – Ball Joints
1 – 7/16“ Wrench
1 - Industrial Grade Hard Case w/ High-Density Foam Insert
Misc. Nuts and Washers


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